Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of expressing oneself whilst creating art with materials including paint, chalk and markers. It improves a person's physical, mental and emotional well-being. Children and adults are able to express themselves without the use of words or language; allowing people incapable of such communication to convey their emotions. 

The process assists people in resolving issues as well as controlling their behaviours, reducing stress and anxiety. In addition, it increases awareness of oneself and others which ultimately promotes personal development and enhances cognitive functions. To note,  talent is not a pre-requisite.

Art therapists are trained in both art and therapy and work with people to interpret feelings from a design. They are aware of human development, psychological theories and the healing potential of art. They utilise art in treatment, assessment and research, working with people of all ages and in various settings.

Despite this form of therapy being unconventional, it is a growing field, more widely accepted. Regardless, it is expected for some to feel uncomfortable with this therapy; therefore, it is all the more beneficial when one is able to break free from social expectations and look to the studies that have proven tremendous benefits.

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