My Name Is Mandledoda Welcome Mthembu Who is Known as Rambolic iam 21 years Old and Iam Part of Music industry. I grew up At eNseleni Township where i was Staying with my parents and my Siblings . I started learning at Mzuvukile Primary School up Until i did my High school level At Muziwesizwe High School on that is where i completed my matric . My Dream Has Always Been a Musician and a Famous one not just a Musician My Dream started When I was Doing Grade 4 At Muzuvukile primary School where i was singing a school choir and other cultural Activities and i even Recieved a golden Medal for That along with an Certificate . On the 14th of May 2021 i Recorded a song Which was Titled 'hlala Nami Nkosi' that was my first track which i wrote . Many People were touched by that song even a Mayor of uMhlabuyalingana was touched by that song because on the 16th of June 2021 he Asked me to Perform it on Stage and he said he would give me R1500.00 just for doing so So i did what he asked me to do and people were happy and touched a lot some other people were even giving me some blessing on music industry . That is my Journey on music industry and iam going to push up until i reach the level of being famous. For bookings Contact 0792324598 Whatsapp 0798575564 Email.welcomemandlendoda9@gmail.com
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