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Dr Chandrika Subramaniyan, a Solicitor and Barrister, Supreme Court of NSW and High Court of Australia. She is an active community leader, scholar and orator, with wealth of knowledge. She received an award, ‘Overseas Tamil Scholar 2019’fromGovernment of Tamilnadu’ in recognition of her literary and cultural contribution in Australia. Her achievements include: Premier’s Harmony Medal Winner 2019-NSW State Citizen of the Year 2019-Cumberland Council Women of the West 2012 - University of West

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Thirukkural: A Universal Literature transcends time and place towards ONENESS


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Thirukkural, the Tamil classic hailed as the Sacred Verses, written millenniums ago, stands as an exemplar of human life and shines as a beacon to the Tamil-speaking community. There is no archaeological evidence to identify the exact time period when Thirukkural was composed, except through references of Thirukkural in other Tamil works, which point us to its time period as 200 BC. Despite being ancient literature, the values and principles of …

Valmiki and Kamban: The Ramayanam Differences


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 'Kambaramayanam, is a Tamil epic, lyrically rich with abundantly engaging magical poetic indulgence. This   is a book of values, revealing the dimensions of personalities through characterisation. The epic is about the experience of being a human and cohabiting in this World with good and bad.

In the original work of Valmiki, Raman was characterised as a man who lived in this World. Valmiki's version was the creation of witnessing the life of Raman, with profou…

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