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Art is my Superpower

By Ziggy Grana | #communication, #shremaya, #super, Blog, Main, Art, #superpower |

The world of art has always been more accessible for me. Accessing the art realm gave me the ability to communicate when my words could not. 

My love of art was borne out of my mother’s love for art. She helped introduce me to my creative side when I was quite young. We took everything from pottery, woodworking, etching, all the way to printmaking our own tea towels. 

One of my earliest art memories with her was when I was 6. My task was to make an octopus out of clay, and naturally, mine had five legs. Of course, my mums octopus had the correct amount of limbs. I remember looking up at her in complete embarrassment, but she smiled and told me it was perfect. 

There is no right way to make art; it comes from within. My ‘penta-pus’, along with all my other creations, have been on display in our home ever since.

I realise now it wasn’t about the outcome, but how euphoric it feels to physically create things through my own worldview/perspective. In that moment I knew I was in love with the process of making something for others to enjoy, and come to understand me/ and see from my perspective. I knew it was something I had to continue throughout my life. 

Meaning-making through art is my way of communicating the stories that make up my life experience; storytelling is universal communication and art is my way of sharing this with others. Art is my superpower.

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