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The Shremaya Foundation promotes literature, art, music and dance.

Art is my Superpower

By Ziggy Grana | #communication, #shremaya, #super, Blog, Main, Art, #superpower |

This blog explains how art can be used as a form of communication. 


What is Cultural Awareness?

By Aisha Rutnam | #respect, #shremaya, #culturaldiversity, #culture, #embrace, #love, #connection, Blog, Main, Literature | 6 Jan 2022 |

This blog explains Cultural Diversity, the benefits of understanding it and having cultural awareness in addition to why it is relevant in the 21 st Century.  


Cultivating Well-being through children

By Aisha Rutnam | Blog, Main, Literature | 18 Sep 2021 |

One school in India implements the Greater Good Science Centre's research based practises in order to ensure well-being.


The Inspriation behind our Logo

Blog, Main, Literature | 7 Aug 2021 |

Life on Earth is powered by the Sun. The Sun is the closest star to Planet Earth. The Sun’s life-giving rays take just 8 minutes to reach us. Shremaya is 8 letters to symbolise the time the Sun’s rays take to touch the earth.

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